FV Commercial Media is a creative house that makes videos for large companies, small businesses and non-profit organizations. You’re looking to hire us to make a video, so we figured we’d start there.

Break out the popcorn, here’s what we’ve been up to lately.

Large Organizations

U of T’s University College

Small Business

Le Caviste Wine Importers

Demo Video

Damask Yoga Studios

Large Operations

Tiffany Gate Fresh Food Systems

Book Trailers

Over Our Heads (Novel)

Live Events

Saskatchewan Art Awards

Non Profit

Childhood Cancer Canada


Friend of a Friend Matchmaking


YPT Field Trip


Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue


Metrac: Youth Challenging Violence


School Chaplains


So. Video. In a world of camera phones and GoPros anyone can make a video, even your Cousin Chuck.

Why go to FV Commercial Media?


Who We Are

We’re a creative house interested in more than just pointing a camera and shooting what’s in front of us. As filmmakers we’re passionate about the human side of advertising (It exists, we swear!). We make artistic videos that provide a smart, more engaging way to connect to your customer. We’re better than just anyone, We’re great!

(No offense to your Cousin Chuck)

Free Consultation

As much as we love staring at each other’s faces all day we’ll take any excuse to get out of the office, get creative and share our expertise. Take a break from marketing stress and let us talk strategy. You’ll probably even get a free coffee out of it.

What We Do

Video Production
Creative Consulting
Multi-Platform Projects
Web Marketing
Sponsored Content

Successful projects

Years of experience

Filmmaking awards

Office cat


We provide high quality video services at affordable prices with minimal turn-around time. From inception to release, we work with your team to create a one-of-a-kind video project that allows you to stick out from the crowd.

Quick Turn Around Time

Don’t let our creativity fool you, we don’t run on bohemian time. If you need a video fast, we can guarantee a completed video in one week.

Friendly Support

We’re good listeners and work well with others.

HD and 4K

We know looking good is half the battle so we deliver in multiple formats, depending on the job. Stunning HD or cutting edge 4K Video.

Animation and Graphics

We heartily believe in the power of eye-catching animation and slick graphics in video. You want some? We’ve got a guy.

Sponsored Content

Bored by traditional advertising? Like crazy, innovative ideas? Us too! Move beyond tradition by sponsoring social media designed content such as Web Films, Photo Streams and Interactive Graphics.

Creative Support From Beginning to End

Want video, but don’t know which route to take? We’re there with you throughout the whole process.


U of T
Young People’s Theatre
Tedx Toronto
Anglican Diocese of Toronto
Tiffany Gate
University College
Koskie Minsky
3D Evolution Systems Canada inc.
Now Magazine
Dev Without Boarders

“I’m not exactly known as a ‘softy’ around the College, but FVC Media’s video that we commissioned to thank our donors literally brought tears to my eyes.  They capture the spirit of what we do by showing students at every stage of their academic career:  from orientation to convocation.  I was proud to share FVC Media’s work with our alumni and student communities.”

Donald Ainslie
Principal, University College
“Nicholas and his team at FV Commercial Media have been a pleasure to work with on our recent corporate videos. They are able to grasp our concepts and bring them to life in a captivating and professional way.”
Tiffany Gate
"I’ve worked with Nicholas Bradford-Ewart and FV Commercial Media on several occasions and have always been pleased with the result. Nicholas listens well, gives expert advice and creates engaging videos that suit our stakeholders and audiences. He has taken our video presence to the next level."
Stuart Mann
Director of Communications, Diocese of Toronto
"I have had the pleasure of working with the team at FV Commercial Media for many years and have always been impressed with their creative approaches to problem solving, their dedication to each individual project, and their innovation both on and off screen."
Eric Powell
Musician, Saskatchewan Art Awards


Nicholas Bradford-Ewart

President, Producer, Director

Nicholas a is a poet and philosopher cursed with incredible business acumen. His background in documentary gives him a keen eye for a good story while his complete inability to keep his hands out of any part of filmmaking means you’ll have someone fighting on your side through the whole process. Please feel free to debate Foucault with him because none of us want to. Here’s a look at how he sees the world.

Meghan Armstrong

Operations Manager, Writer, Director

Meghan’s never met a story she didn’t like whether it’s an ancient mystery or just something a wise old lady is saying. She’s the artist core of our organization, coming from diverse background of acting, geology and visual art. But don’t be fooled, she’s also the one balancing our books so she possesses the vengeful business wrath of a thousand accountants. Like most good artists her work speaks for itself.

Cameron Maitland

Writer, Marketing

Cameron has seen the darkness in the heart of this world and fills it with comedy and pop culture. Like Fleetwood Mac he refuses to stop thinking about tomorrow and wondering how to innovate the narratives behind his work. He wants to know where your business will be in 10 years and how he can help. Where will your  business be in 50 years? Well, he doesn’t think that far ahead because he’ll be dead and that’s kind of a buzzkill. Here's how he feels about Canada, more or less.

Lindsay Bradford-Ewart

Writer, Creative Services

Lindsay manages to wrangle two kids, three co-workers, a dog and a cat every day so everyone assumes she’s a wizard. We exploit her extraordinary Parent Powers whenever possible and she’s our permanent ‘fixer’ when it comes to conceptualizing and finishing projects to deadline. She’s also a proud nerd and our chief science officer so maybe keep that ‘wizard’ thing to yourself or she’ll smack you. Listen to her tell a  story about her life

FV Commercial Media is based in Toronto. We make excellent videos for happy clients all across Canada.


Nicholas Bradford-Ewart

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